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Beach Weddings

Our southern West Coast Beaches are sought after by many for their wedding destinations. Throughout the years I have had the honor and pleasure working with many couples coming here from out of the area and state. This page is dedicated to your commonly asked question when trying to plan a beach wedding.

When deciding on a beach wedding keep in mind there may be permit cost involved and usually a limitation of how many people can be in attendance.

If you are planning a small and intimate wedding there are numerous coves and location you can be married at without permit costs. Keep in mind that beaches are public locations and prime seasonal times such as summers can be more crowded than other off season times such as Autumn or Fall.

Along our Pacific Coast we have some of prettiest sunsets in the fall. Fall sunsets also come earlier, whereas in the summers sunsets could be as late as 8'o clock. Click here to find out the sunset time for your wedding day.

There is a non-refundable application fee of $110.00, which is due at the time of application to reserve the date and location. Depending on the set-up and number of the participants/guests, additional fees of $325.00 or $500.00 may apply. General liability and additionally insured insurance is required for any beach event. This insurance is available through or Risk Management Division for approximately $100.00 (the exact prices depends on the size of the event). Risk Management can be reached at (714) 536-5492.   (This information has been taken directly from the City of Huntington Beach's site and you can click above to link to this site for further information)             

 Huntington Beach Hyatt Hotel and over pass going to the beach.

Click here for a trip advisor for the Hyatt and other beach stays in the HB, Seal Beach and Newport area.

 The City of Newport Beach allows wedding ceremonies on the beach with some restrictions. The beach may not be reserved, all beach and parking areas in Newport Beach are available on a first come first serve basis. Wedding ceremonies on the beach are restricted to groups of 50 or less people, alcohol and amplified sound are not permitted. Set-up of equipment including tables, chairs, tents, arches, etc. is not permitted. Beach areas may not be roped off or otherwise reserved, all use is subject to availability upon arrival of your group. Summer weddings are not advised as during this time of the year the beach and parking lots are extremely crowded. For questions about holding a wedding on the beach, please contact the Recreation Department at 949-644-3151.

(This is taken directly from The City of Newport Beach website, please visit their site for more information) by clicking on the title link above)

Long Beach Lighthouse, it is a perfect location for a wedding. Many weddings are held in the park around the base area of this Lighthouse. No cost, no reservations are needed to have a wedding here. It offers free parking. This is a public location and the Aquarium is close by so the parking can be a distance/good walk from the immediate location.

Keep this in mind when directing your guest where you are holding the ceremony verse where they might need to park. Yet, there is a small park at the base of this location which lends itself nicely for drop offs.

I love this location plus I'm very partial to Lighthouses. Also keep in mind depending on the day and time there could be many other couples getting married at the same day and possible at the same time as yours. The last time I did a wedding here, it was fall, cool, great sunset and about 3 different wedding groups. Yet, the area is so large, it really can manage several different wedding parties around the base of the Lighthouse site. There are plenty of restaurants within a block of this location.

Below is a link to other State Beaches in the Orange County area.

State Beach Weddings  click here for more information.

Heisler Park Gazebo- This location has one of most gorgeous views of Laguna Beach's tide pools, beach strand and rock formations that lends itself to beautiful back drop to wedding photos.

The Gazebo can handle up to 50 people, yet honestly 20-25 fits the best. There is a pathway that leads up to the gazebo to manage the overflow of people. Here are photos of Heisler Park. Parking can be challenging so plan your timing with this in mind.

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