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White Wedding Dress or Not this is the question for you to answer

Posted on 22 May, 2014 at 13:46
     The White Wedding Dress, it has been anticipated by you since you were a young girl. Images of long flowing, lacy, trailed white dress which will only be worn by you on your Wedding Day. Afterwards to be cleaned and stored till who knows when. The white wedding dress hasn't always been the tradition. Previous to the marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert in 1840, it was not uncommon and more traditional to wear black or heavy brocaded fabric dresses. A bride's choice of colored wedding dresses are readily available and some will choose a color to break tradition, second marriage and bottom line they just feel prettier in a color verse the "traditional" white wedding dress.
     Skimming the articles for this 2014 wedding season, white on white for this summer is taking a new revival, leading me to this blog entry. Very often we are seek "tradition" without understanding where the "tradition" came from or feeling like we need to conform because it's "tradition" to so by choosing a white wedding dress.
      Previous to our times there were limited laundry techniques, laces, fabrics (especially the color of the fabics), obtaining fabrics from forgien regions  and the expense of the fabric, to list a few obstacles that the bride and the seamstress were challenged with when designing the "wedding dress". After Queen Victoria set predence with her long veil, trailed, lacy wedding dress, many American and European families of money saw this as a status symbol for the bride to be able to afford and wear a white dress on their wedding day. It was a way to show the bride's weath.
     Today, it has become a "Western wedding routine, especially in the Christian religious tradition.." .
     I think a bride should choose the best fitting color for her as a person, style and a expression of her personality. If white is all you have ever dreamed about then do it! Yet, remember traditions have always started somewhere for some reason and don't always match our understandings and beliefs for you today. This make us unique. So before you choose or settle for white at least try on a color, then make the final decision for you , White Wedding Dress or Not.
White Wedding, on wikipedia has a great article on this subject (referencing the history of the white wedding day)
I always encourage your thoughts and comments, Jacqueline Soares
Idotoday wedding officiant.

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Very good blog.It gave me knowledge also and kept my interest ticking in it.Well I believe there should come a change and the wedding dress colors should be given more options..
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Some of the older celebrities must be doing a similar thing to be the best. Some have speculated that something like this is a really nice possibility.
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It is the bride's prerogative to choose which color of wedding dress she should wear. However, if the couple is going for a traditional wedding, the only appropriate color for the occasion is a white wedding dress for the bride and a black tuxedo for the groom. They can go to town when it comes to the color motif of their special day. I attended a wedding recently at the top of the mountain in Colorado. It was cold and we expected that. But we didn't anticipate that it would snow on the morning of the wedding. We were so cold but the moment was undeniably romantic as snow was falling while the couple was saying their vows. Definitely worth feeling the cold to see two nice people finally making it official.
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