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Cupcake or not to Cupcake this Is the Question?

Posted on 22 January, 2013 at 7:56 Comments comments (16)
Gone is the day where 2,3,4 and more multiple tiered wedding cakes are your only solutions to the wedding day celebration cake.

This last year alone I've witnessed many couples opting for cupcakes vs. cakes. Green ones, Yellow ones, Red Velvet to White cake. Cupcakes with roses, shells, m&ms...and puppy dog tales (well maybe not puppy dog tales, please this is your day and it needs to be your way!)

Below are some great Wedding Day Cupcake (or everyday cupcake) recipes, display and serving ideas to seriously consider.

Remember cupcakes can be made by friends and/or family members along with a creative display to achieve a professional look. Many professional bakeries today do offer cupcakes for weddings. Cupcakes can range from traditional cupcake to bit size.

Cupcakes are an excellent addition to your elegant, unique and affordable wedding day ideas verse the traditional wedding day cake.

Cupcake Recipes.com

Wedding Cupcake Stands

Tomgirl Baking Company (local here to Huntington Beach)

Cupcake Blog this site has a lot of nice visuals to help you with ideas regarding displaying your cupcakes.

Love to Know Pictures of Wedding Cupcakes (nice ideas)

Cupcake Takes the Cake Blog